Patient Testimonials


Dr. Mike Abdelsayed is one of the most through, compassionate and personable doctors I’ve met. I personally work in the medical field and have seen Dr. Mike interacts with his patients in such a way that catches your attention.

Recently, I started experiencing lower back pain that was impacting my daily life. I went to two other doctors in search for relief without resolve. I knew I needed to see a physician who would be willing to listen, ask questions and had the experience and expertise that Dr. Mike has. He was able to see me right away and after only a week and two visits I can say I’m pain free! Dr. Mike came up with a very concise treatment plan and explained every step in detail.  He has a way of making you feel like you are his only patient, and I certainly know I’m not. We are working together to keep my back pain free and I couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you Dr. Mike!

Katy, TX


Hi Dr. Michael,

I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my mom (FR).  I visit her every evening after work and she seems to be tired but in good spirits – which is natural with all the therapy. However, last night she had extra energy and she was super excited to see me. She wanted to show me how well she is walking! It was unbelievable to me that she is doing so well in only one week’s time and it is all due to you and your crew! Thank you sooo sooo much. I have never had to deal with the experience of either one of my parents breaking any bones – so I was seriously worried about my mom’s recovery, but You, Dr. Hadnott and your staff have done an excellent job!! Thank you so much again for taking such awesome care of my mom!!!!  All of you are truly miracle workers!

Nadia R.



I first met Dr. Abdelsayed, ‘Doctor Michael’ as I call him, in June, 2010, when I left two months of hospitalization for a spinal infection and was transferred to Sugar Land Rehabilitation Hospital to learn how to walk again. I spent roughly a month in that hospital; Dr. Abdelsayed was my physician for that period. By the time I was ready to leave and go home, I had already decided to ask him to continue taking care of me as I progressed. I was delighted when he agreed. Unfortunately, my spine had deteriorated to the point where, a year later, I required 3 additional spinal surgeries, and again I spent some time in Sugar Land Rehabilitation Hospital. Since that period, Dr. Abdelsayed has continued to care for me. I have required additional physical and occupational therapy due to my illness, and it’s been a great comfort to me to know that I have his compassionate support for the issues that arise. I spent 35 years in health care and I’m probably more discerning than the average lay person when it comes to my own physicians. As part of a team of specialists who I have to see, Dr. Abdelsayed, as the lead physician on that team, makes my necessary medical care so much easier than others. He always-always-extends himself to ensure that I am receiving the best care, not only from his practice, but from other facilities.

John R. K.,
Lake Jackson, Texas


Dr. Abdelsayed really helped me when I was having knee and shoulder problems. He was able to meet with me right away, which was a true testament to his patient care (which is sometimes rare in the Medical world). Dr. Abdelsayed spent a lot of time looking over my knee and my shoulder and answered all of my questions along the way. The best part, is that he didn’t jump to taking medicine or surgery; he instructed me to do stretches and strength training to deal with the issues. As a result, I feel so much better and would feel comfortable recommending anyone to Dr. Abdelsayed! It is so nice to find a doctor who is attentive, caring and who is willing to spend the time it takes with you to properly diagnose the problem. Wonderful Doctor and highly recommend!”

Houston, Texas


I came to see Dr. Michael for my back pain. After having injections and seeing several other doctors, with no relief. Dr Michael explained to me on first visit, that he will do his best to give me some relief. We planned three visits, and if it did not help then he would refer me back to my neurologist, and would not need to see him again.What I am trying to say is that he is a very honest, kind doctor. Fortunately, his treatments have helped me tremendously! I just want to say that Dr. Michael is one of the most kind, compassionate and honest doctors I have ever met. He takes his time with me, listens to every concern I have. I am feeling much better, but still decide to come see him for manipulation for maintenance! Thank you so much Dr. Michael.
Also, I want to take a minute to recognize his office assistant Brandi, she iswonderful and kind, always a smile on her face and makes me feel so

Fei Y.,
Rosharon, TX


Dr Mike is one of the most direct, kindest doctors I have EVER had ( And I have had many ). I wish he was my regular family doctor, but if he didn’t specialize, I would never have met him.
He takes the time to listen and prescribes accordingly. He instills an extremely upbeat attitude which in-turn makes me want to improve. I am very blessed to have him in my corner.

John K.,
Houston, TX


Most genuine Doctor I have ever seen. I had a horrible muscle sprain in my back. Michael was very thorough in examining, explaining and treating my injury. I would highly recommend!

Betty K.,
Stafford, TX


I’ve had the pleasure of visiting with Dr. Michael Abdelsayed on several occasions, and always feel incredibly satisfied with the expertise and care he puts into patient care. One of the best things about Dr. Abdelsayed is the way in which he considers a patient’s whole health, as he tailor’s a treatment plan specific to each patient and their needs, utilizing minimally invasive methods. Recently I went to see Dr. Abdelsayed about numbing and tingling in both hands combined with some neck pain. I believed I was, perhaps, having a carpal tunnel issue, which would require surgery. He asked me a few questions about my sleeping posture and position. Instead of jumping to conclusions and assuming that I needed surgery, Dr. Abdelsayed conducted a hand and wrist exam on me, and advised me to sleep using one or no pillows. Furthermore, he explained that hand numbness can often be associated with incorrect neck posture, and that simply adjusting my sleep form could be the remedy. I went home and took Dr. Abdelsayed’s advice. His advice made a significant difference in relieving the tingling and numbness in my hands. Dr. Abdelsayed is thoughtful, insightful, and highly experienced, as he uses a holistic approach to patient care. I can’t recommend him enough.

Marina J.,
Bellaire, TX


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